Andromeda pebbles hoop earrings

Step into a world of celestial elegance with the Andromeda Pebbles Hoop Earrings.These earrings, adorned with ethically sourced gems, carry the mystical energy of the cosmos.Experience the magic of handcrafted artisan jewelry, designed to resonate with your inner beauty.Get your Andromeda Pebbles Hoop Earrings now and wear the universe's charm.


The Andromeda Pebbles Hoop Earrings by Tinnit are a celestial celebration, capturing the essence of the universe in a piece of fine jewelry. These earrings are not just accessories; they are a connection to the mystical properties of the cosmos.




◖ Materials & Mystical Properties: Crafted with ethically sourced gems, each stone in these earrings holds a unique magical property. The combination of sea pebbles and sterling silver materials enhances the gems' natural beauty, creating a piece that's both luxurious and meaningful.

◖ Design & Symbolism: Inspired by the pebbles of the Mediterranean shores and the Andromeda galaxy, these earrings symbolize the eternal dance between Earth and the stars. The hoop design adds a contemporary touch, making them perfect for both casual and formal wear.

◖ Eco-friendly & Ethical Jewelry: Tinnit's commitment to sustainable jewelry is reflected in the eco-friendly production of these earrings. The use of recycled materials and ethically sourced gems ensures that each piece is crafted with care for the planet.

◖ Wear & Occasion: Whether you're dressing up for a special event or adding a touch of elegance to your daily wear, these earrings are a versatile addition to your jewelry collection. Their timeless design and magical energy make them a cherished investment.

The Andromeda Pebbles Hoop Earrings are a celebration of cosmic beauty, nature's elegance, and your unique style. Order these masterpieces today and let the stars adorn your path.