Celebrities in Tinnit Jewelry

Shine Like the Stars: Celebrities in Tinnit Jewelry

In the world of elegance and style, Tinnit's luxury handmade Mediterranean jewelry has become a symbol of sophistication. Our artisan earrings, unique necklaces, and eco-friendly fine jewelry have graced the presence of renowned celebrities in events, music videos, and fashion editorials.


Celebrities Adorning Tinnit's Creations

Our Timeless Design and Ethically Sourced Gems have caught the eyes of: Jone Laspiur, Claara Galle, Pino Montesdeoca, Leire de La Oreja de Van Gogh, Addis Miller, Eugenia Tenenbaum, Bellx Oficial, Ariana Abecasis, Alvaro Solas, Bely Basarte, Brisa Fenoy, Leo Rizzi and Ferri Ballester.



Jone Laspiur
Clara Galle
Brisa Fenoy
Eugenia Tenenbaum
  Pino Montesdeoca
Addis Miller