Earring for nose or small ear cuff

Elevate your style with the versatile Earring for Nose or Small Ear Cuff.Imbued with pearls, known for their mystical properties, this piece is a blend of tradition and modernity.Feel the magic of the ethically sourced pearls and embrace a unique, artisan touch to your look.

Adorn yourself with this special piece today.




Tinnit's Earring for Nose or Small Ear Cuff is a testament to the brand's commitment to versatility and artisan craftsmanship. This piece, while rooted in traditional jewelry design, offers a contemporary twist suitable for the modern individual.


◖ Materials & Mystical Properties: Crafted with precision, this earring features ethically sourced pearls that are believed to harbor magical properties. These pearls, steeped in ancient lore, offer protection and empowerment, allowing the wearer to connect with age-old traditions.

◖ Design & Symbolism: This unique piece, inspired by the Mediterranean's timeless beauty, seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Its design, while reminiscent of age-old jewelry pieces, offers a fresh take, making it a perfect fit for contemporary fashion.

◖ Eco-friendly & Ethical Jewelry: As with all Tinnit creations, sustainability is paramount. This earring, made with ethically sourced pearls, is a shining example of luxury that doesn't come at the planet's expense.

Whether you choose to wear it as a nose ring or an ear cuff, this piece is sure to elevate your style. Its versatility ensures that it's suitable for various occasions, be it a casual day out or a special event.