Eye Silver ring with black spinel

Introducing the Eye Silver Ring adorned with Black Spinel - a symbol of insight and protection.

Crafted with black spinel, known for its power to repel negativity and enhance intuition.Let your hand tell a story of mystique, protection, and the magic of the Mediterranean.

Adorn with purpose and embrace the allure of the Eye Silver Ring.




◖ Materials: Silver ring hand made in sterling silver (925) and/or 24k gold platered + brilliant cut black spinel.


It is stated that ‘the eye is the window to the soul’ as it often bare our actual emotions to others. But there is one ‘gaze’ that is cloaked in mystery and folklore: The Evil Eye.

The Evil Eye charm, which has a long history stretching back to ancient civilizations, has long been used by various cultures as a symbol of protection from harm caused by envy or malevolence directed at one person by another. The charm, being a positive power, aids the bearer in warding off negative emotions and evil.


We like to think of it as a symbol of wisdom, this fascinating tradition teaches us not to be envious of others’ success, but to find fulfillment through our own efforts.  FAQ about the power of this ring:

1. Is it bad to wear evil eye jewelry? You’re believed to protect yourself from greater calamity by wearing the evil eye motif in talismans, symbols, and jewelry. The evil eye is said to reflect the force of evil glares back to the caster when worn as a defensive ward. It can even undo the curse and all the negative intentions that have been thrown against you. 

2. What does the one eye jewelry mean? The evil eye is a curse that is said to be cast by a jealous look or other negative energy and is usually directed at someone who is unaware of it. The eye symbol was used in jewelry, talismans, and amulets to protect the wearer from the evil eye. 

3. Why do people wear the evil eye? The evil eye, also known in Greek culture as “mati”, is a curse believed to be bestowed by a malicious look that might bring poor luck or loss. That’s why, to ward off the curse and protect yourself during the day, you should wear an evil eye someplace on your body, and this ring is a perfect choice.

4. Does the evil eye have to be gifted? It’s a lucky gift that you may offer to friends and family, but you can also buy it for yourself.

5. Can I wear an evil eye with a cross? Greeks also carry incense or a cross as protection against evil eyes, in addition to evil eye amulets, so yes, you can wear it with a cross. The Evil Eye is usually worn as a bracelet or a necklace in terms of jewelry., so the ring option is also an original and stylish way to wear it.

6. How do I cleanse an evil eye? Hold an eye amulet or pendant in your hands and close your eyes, letting the appreciation of protection and love pour over you as you accept it.Consider a body of flowing water you have access to once your heart has been filled with thankfulness. This could be a small stream in a park, a river in a city you frequent, or a favorite waterfall. Now imagine that all bad energies go with the flow far away. Do it any time you feel it need to be cleaned.

7. From what culture is the belief in the evil eye? The belief in the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, as well as Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions, as well as indigenous, peasant, and other folk civilizations, and it has continued into current times.