Hamsa and jade scarab hoop earrings

Dive into the mystical allure of the Hamsa and Jade Scarab Hoop Earrings.

Embrace the protective energies of the hamsa and revel in the ancient Egyptian power of the scarab, symbolizing resurrection.

Limited edition, hand-carved jade pieces; a treasure waiting to adorn you.




◖ The Hamsa, known across cultures, serves as a protective talisman against the evil eye and malevolent spirits. Muslims call it “Hand of Fatima”; the Christians, “Hand of Mary”; Jews call it “Hand of Miriam”.It is a talisman from ancient times that today it has become a reason for the expression of monotheistic faith, although in the Mediterranean it is still used as protection against the evil eye and evil spirits.

◖ The scarab, an emblem of life and power in Egyptian mythology, offers protection against evil and bestows strength. An amulet of life and power, shaped like an Egyptian dung beetle, it is a symbol of resurrection in Egyptian mythology. It provides protection against evil, visible or invisible, daily giving strength and power. The inhabitants of Ancient Egypt believed that in death, whoever carried it acquired the possibility of resurrecting and being able to achieve eternal life.

◖ Ancient Egyptians revered jade for granting immortality and its power to ward off bad spirits. In ancient Egypt Jade was said to grant immortality and the ability to fend off bad spirits. Jade was even considered to keep the corpse from decomposing after death.

◖ Limited edition design, featuring hand-carved jade scarabs, ensuring a unique piece for every wearer.

◖ Materials: Silver jamsa / hamsa and hand carved scarab hoop earrings hand made in sterling silver (925) and jade.


These earrings are meticulously handcrafted in sterling silver, showcasing the beauty of jade.

Limited edition with hand carved jade scarabs.Buy your pair before we run out of stock.𓆙